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I needed a place to document my PSX/PS1/PSOne experiments. This is the place :-)

A little update history:

2014-07-25: Updated GPU plugin.

2014-05-10: Updated GPU test and GPU plugin.

2014-05-02: Updated GPU plugin.

2014-02-16: Uploaded a new silly demo named “IRQ” and a new version of the CPU test.

2014-01-01: Updated GPU plugin.

2013-12-31: Updated tests, GPU plugin, most demos and added a few new silly demos. Fixed display position for all tests and added the ability to move the display using L2/R2 + D-pad.

2013-10-04: Added CPU tests.

2013-09-07: New GTE test, GPU test and GPU plugin versions uploaded.

2013-08-23: New GPU test and GPU plugin versions uploaded. Added GPU version information.