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This is my first multi-part demo for any platform. All effects in this PSX/PS1/PSOne demo are created by modifying the display registers. No polygons are rendered. This demo should work on both PAL and NTSC units.

Where am I?

This is a silly little demo which abuses the CPU and GPU caches. While running, the code, texture and clut are nowhere to be found except in their respective caches.

Pipe line

Similar to the “Where am I?” demo above, but also abuses the superscalar GPU design, making it even harder to emulate.

No code

Once again similar to the “Where am I?” demo above, but abuses the GPU DMA chain. The infinite chain may cause emulators and/or GPU plugins to freeze.


Just as the “No code” demo above, it sets up an infinite GPU DMA chain, but instead of using the DMA controller, the behavior is simulated using a GPU IRQ.